Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day After Christmas Shopping

Most people hit the stores the day after Christmas to snatch up some post holiday deals.  We are no exception, but the stores we hit are of a different kind.  All the thrift stores in our area have half off days on December 26.  Of course we had to hit each and every one.  This is my haul.  Thrift Chick will have to show you hers later.
 The dolls were a quarter a piece.  Thrift Chick will be showing you all the books she has gotten for her classroom later. She has also been on the lookout for the characters from some of her favorite books.  They tend to retail for close to $20 and that is just too steep for her.  We have "Fancy Nancy" plans for these "cuties.".
 Yeah, I know...what was she thinking.  I have no idea what I will do with these, but they were only $1.00.  I think I was overcome with nostalgia remembering those camp craft potholders.

 Yes, it is a very ugly wreath and maybe even worse fake foliage, but you can't beat the price for basic wreath parts.

It may not look like much, but I am excited to try and reinvent each and everyone of them. Stayed tuned!

Mama Thrift

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Stephanie O' said...

Ooh, good haul! I've seen someone sew together a bunch of craft looped potholders into a rug and it looked really neat- http://craftsanity.com/2010/03/on-the-bright-side-a-patchwork-potholder-rug-tutorial/

I think I've got a shoebox full of them around here somewhere too!