Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter Wreath Transformation

With the Christmas decorations put away, things were looking pretty bare around here.  I wanted a wreath for my front door.  When ever I go to purchase  floral things, I am just so amazed at how quickly the cost adds up as you add picks and sprays.  For my front door I decided to see if I could take thrift store castoffs and repurpose them.
  Remember these from my last foray into half off days?
The foliage cost me $1.50 and the ugly wreath $1.  I took all the ball picks off the wreath and discarded the gold glittered ones.  They were looking very frayed and bare.  I cut the foliage into pieces and stuck it into the wreath all around.  I then put the white ball picks on in strategic places (I am sure that is how a florist does it...isn't....just stick 'em on, take 'em off, move 'em, stick 'em on again until you are either satisfied or tired of working with it.)  My final product looks like this:
It is not Pottery Barn, but for $2.50, You can't beat the price!  If in a few months, I hate it, I won't feel bad about changing it up....that's why I love thrifting....buyer's remorse is almost nonexistent!

Mama Thrift

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