Who are we?

We are a mother and daughter pair who love thrifting. We always have more than one project going on! Come join in our adventure.

Meet Thriftchick

Name: Kellyn
Occupation: Teacher
Favorite Food: Pasta, Mike and Ikes, and Redvines
Best thrift store find: Vintage Orange Suit Jacket that I wore in my high school senior pictures
Time period you wish you could live in: 1940s
The soundtrack to your life would include: Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, She and Him, Ingrid Michelson, and The Supremes


Meet Mama Thrift

Name: Patty
Occupation: Teacher
Favorite Food: If it has peanut butter, chocolate, or cream cheese I'll eat it!
Best thrift store find: Two Tier Pedestal table for 15 dollars
Time period you wish you could live in: 1950s
In a movie of my life, this person would play me: I'd like to say Nicole Kidman, but let's be realistic...Kathy Bates.