Sunday, January 15, 2012

Style Sunday

   When we thrift, we do not just find things for around the house.  We also find awesome clothing.  In fact, most of Thrift Chick's wardrobe comes from thrift stores and resale shops.  We are always amazed at what you can find for just pennies on the dollar.  We have decided to start a new feature...Style Sunday.  Each week we will highlight some of the outfits, Thrift Chick has put together from her bargain hunting.
   Today we go back a few years to where it all began.  Thrift Chick made her stage debut in fifth grade playing Gracie Shinn in our community theater's production of Music Man.  I really think it was there that she fell in love with vintage style.
   By the time she was a senior she had been in numerous other shows there and with other area theaters, worn countless costumes from various decades and developed a love for fashion from eras gone by.  When the time for her senior picture rolled around, she knew she wanted something unusual.  She took me to a resale shop called Retroactive where we unearthed this wool jacket from the 40's.  Her pictures looked like something from the past.  (It was in the high 90's that day.  She was dying....but who said fashion was easy!)
   We paid just $25 for the jacket.  She paired it with a brown pencil skirt.   I told her she looked liked a career woman from the 40's waiting for her man to return from war.
   And since we are going back to the beginning, I will show you another senior picture.  This is definitely a modern outfit, but it showcases the beginning of her obsession with boots.  This fuchsia pair she found at a resale shop.  She paid $10 for them and still wears them today.
   Next week we will flash forward a few years and show you her more recent finds, but it was fun to go back to the beginning of what I am sure will be a life long love.

Mama Thrift

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