Saturday, February 15, 2014

Chalkboard Cheats

Both of my SLP-A and SLP-CFY girls are pregnant so I decided to throw a little announcement party at school for them.  I wanted to make it look nice, but I didn't want to spend an hour writing, erasing, writing again, wringing my hands, erasing, writing......   Instead I did this little cheat.

I created my "chalkboard" in Publisher (you could use Pages, Photoshop or whatever program you use)   First I downloaded a bunch of free chalkboard fonts.  Just google free chalkboard fonts and choose your favorite site.  I then searched for chalkboard backgrounds in Google images and downloaded that.  Choose an image that is really smudgy to give it an authentic look.

I opened up a file in Publisher and started out by adding a picture of the chalkboard background I downloaded.  I enlarged it so it covered the entire page.  I then started adding text using a white color and in the various chalkboard fonts.  I added the designs by creating them or getting them from the internet and setting their color to white.   I printed it off and taped it in my frame.

Pretty cool.  You can't believe how many people complimented me on my handwriting.  Our secretary said she loved it but she could never write that beautifully.  I laughed and told her to take a closer look.

I am just one of those people that is never satisfied with my final product.  This was a much easier way to make a simple sign!


Chalkboards and Cheating

I do love the look of all the beautiful lettered chalkboards out there in blogland.

From the truly complex: 

to simple:

I decided to try one of my own.  Most of my looked like a third grader did it (and I sincerely apologize to third graders everywhere.)  I started to research and found out many people use a bistro chalk marker like this:  
That solved some problems, but it did not solve them all.  I improved to about the level of a fifth grader.   I still erased about about fifty times and had a definite downward slope.  I then decided to do the old pencil on the back transfer trick.

I created a template on Publisher that I liked thought I could do.  I printed it off and then took a pencil and covered the back with solid scribbles with a pencil.  I then placed the paper with pencil side down on my chalkboard and traced over my design.  I then a had a very faint line to follow with my chalk board.  Here is my finished product:
Not too bad.  I only erased three times and it lasted all season so I consider it a success.

However, if you think even this is too much work, stayed tuned, I have a really neat cheat for you.