Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Anthropologie Knock-Off- Quick and Easy

A while back I saw these number tiles on Anthroplogie;s website.  I loved the bight red numbers on the colorful tile.
Unfortunately, they are no longer available and even when they were, they were way out of my price range.  Of course the DIY mantra began drumming through my head...."I could make that."   I finally tackled the project and loved how it came out.  I started with subway tile (16 cents a piece) and house numbers ($1.98 a piece) from Lowe's.
 I broke out the Sharpie Markers and started coloring away using Anthro's design as template.
 I sprayed the numbers red and glued them to the tiles.  I love how they turned out.  Since I intend to use them inside, I am done.  If I put them outside, I will give them a coat of poly. 

At the cost of $2.14 a piece, I consider this project a huge success.  Start to the finish the project took less than an hour.  Cheap, easy and that's the mark of a great project.

P.S.  The numbers 143 is our family code for I love you.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Style Sunday- The Senator's Wife

Life in America is pretty casual these days.  Most of the time, people even wear jeans to church.  I don't have a lot of reason to dress event I really miss.  I still love a classy outfit and have been known to wear one for no reason at all.  It used to tick me off when in college people would say, "You won't dress like that when you are in the classroom."  Actually I will and do. 

The shirt and shoes both came from Goodwill.  A good black pencil skirt is a must have staple in any closet.  Now I just need to find a senator!

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