Saturday, January 21, 2012

Knockoff Try Number 2

  This is a reality blog.  We pledge to show you our good, our bad and our so-so.   So in the interest of honesty, I bring you my second attempt with a knock off decor item.
     I saw these wooden balls on the West Elm site.  Unusual, weathered and looked to be quite simple.
However, $34 for the large and $19 for the small seemed a bit steep for wood sticks in a ball.  I thought  I could duplicate it using sticks and a Styrofoam ball.
   I saw these balsa wood sticks at Hobby Lobby on sale for .60 cents each.  I thought I could cut them, stain them and stick them in the ball and tah dah...a weathered sphere.  Well it started out all right.

   Then when I started to put the cut sticks in the ball, the ball just fell apart as more and more sticks went in.  So on to Plan gluing them together.  It was messy and time consuming and very painful.


   The final product looks nothing like the inspiration.  I like the unusual shape and the dark wood quality, but you can see the hot glue.  My son suggested I spray paint it.  I may do that after my burned fingers stop smarting.
   Maybe sometime in the future I will have evolved to the level of the crafters at Knock Off Decor.  In the meantime I will continue to treat you to my attempts.  maybe they will inspire you...or make you smile... or make you feel better about your failures. (Not that I am saying you have failure....maybe I should say less than desired outcomes.  Do you have "less than desired outcomes"?)

Mama Thrift


Infarrantly Creative said...

You win some, you lose some but that is the best part of creation. You get to rethink it until it comes out. Thanks for sharing it with me. Beckie from Knock off Decor

Stephanie O' said...

You could definitely spray paint them and I think they'd look pretty awesome then. I wonder if hot gluing the sticks to a rubber ball would work? Or use Gorilla Glue for less mess?

Oh, and I have had countless craft failures (not afraid to call them what they are!) but I do try and learn from them.