Sunday, January 22, 2012

Style Sunday -Mumu Glam

   Are you adventuresome in your clothes?  Are you willing to wear things that fit your style, but maybe not the style of those around you?  I am and I make no apologies.  I am quite used to comments like, "Oh I wish I could pull off outfits like you do."  I am still not sure if that is a compliment or a polite way of saying, "What the heck are you wearing?"  I am even used to my mother's doubtful look when I show her something I am thinking of buying.  However, when I showed her this tribal mumu in a thrift shop, she didn't give me a doubtful look.  Oh no, she flat out told me I was crazy.  I told her I had a vision.  Here is my vision.   Here is how a girl today wears a mumu.
    First the particulars: The mumu was $2.50 at a Salvation Army.  The scarf was a lost and found score. (I worked at a camp for three summers.  At the end of the summer, we raided the unclaimed lost and found items)  The boots were a $10 clearance item at Walmart. Mama Thrift says there is probably not a lot of shoppers out there dying to find a pair of purple suede boots.  Their loss, my gain.
    When I got home.  I took the mumu and chopped off about three feet of it.  I wear it paired with a belt and leggings.

   I love this outfit.  It is so comfortable.  I wear it everywhere.  Now my college roommates loved to have me wear it too.  They loved to see it without the belt in all its mumu glory.  Here is an example of the sheer volume.  You probably could fit three of me in it.  Looks kind of like a citizen of Whoville, doesn't it.
       So now all of you can run right out to your nearest thrift store and grab your own mumu.  I am telling you, you won't be sorry.


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Stephanie O' said...

That's a nice looking mumu too, not too doudy or crazy color clashing. I'll have to give the mumus (mu-mi?) a second look from now on!