Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow Day, Snow Decor

Today is our first snow day of the year.  One of the best things about being a teacher is the occasional unexpected day off in the middle of my least favorite months.  In honor of the snow day, I am going to show you my winter decor.

 I am still very poor at styling a picture.  I forget to check and make sure my curtains are hanging nicely.  I forget to make sure the rest of my clutter is hidden or to clean.  See the dirty brick on our fireplace.  About two years ago we removed the dated brass glass cover and protector hood.  We love the open look, but I have to clean the brick more often (obviously I have not gotten around to that in a while.)  Let's just say I am a so so housekeeper and leave it at that.
 The ampersand was on sale the day after Christmas at Hobby Lobby.  I love their large letters, but I am not a fan of metallic anything (although I did read that metallic is one of the top trends of 2012...doesn't matter unless it is tarnished silver, I am not a fan.)  The snowflakes were three candle holders for $5 at the Goodwill half off sale.  I tried to take off the candle holder part because I just liked the snowflake part, but it was welded on there to stay for eternity. 
The silver pedestal is a Slavo find for 75 cents.  The chunky white candle holders I think came from Hobby Lobby's 66% off clearance aisle a few years back.  (Do you hit that aisle first when you go to Hobby Lobby?  Thrift Chick and I never shop the front of a store...we head right to the back for the sale racks)
This old church attendance/hymn number sign is one of my favorite purchases as of late and it was a real impulse purchase.  Last fall we were checking out of Salvo and I gave one last look back (you know in case I missed some treasure)  There it was leaning against a post.  I paid three dollars for it and left it in all of it's old shiny varnished state for my fall mantle.  I liked the height it had, but just wasn't sure about it overall.  Thrift Chick has been after me to put words in it.  I gave it a coat of spray paint and sanded it for this display.  I like it better, but I think it still needs some work.  For this quote I did each letter separately on velum to mimic the old letters churches used.  It was very tedious and I am not sure it was worth may have worked just as well to do whole words.

 These weird wooden ball things are another so-so knock off I tried.  That post is coming up shortly.

Whenever I am doing these seasonal vignettes, I always worry that they are too crafty...those of you who are a little older remember when we all had tons of homemade craft goodies displayed for every holiday.  I don't want to return to those days.  However, I do enjoy changing things up every few months.

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Chris said...

Hi Mama Thrift, I adore your mantel vignette. The church hymn number board is gorgeous as are the letters. You did a great job, even though it was tedious for you. Everything looks lovely. Thanks for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris