Saturday, January 28, 2012

For Vintage's Sake

   Sometimes you come across vintage pieces that are so full of history that you could sit on gaze on their patina for hours.  Such was the case for these little pieces from my mother's life. 
   My mom was born in 1933.  By the time she she finished high school in the early 50's, girls pursued one of three professions....secretary, teacher or nurse.  My mom came from a family of four girls.  Three became nurses and one a secretary.  That is just how it was.
   These are a few relics from my mom's early nursing career.
 The watch is a basic no nonsense nurse's watch.  Thrift Chick loves its simple retro feel.  She often wears it.
   The name tag is gorgeous.  It is a mother of pearl base with her name engraved in black.  No lanyard, no plastic sleeve.  This is a piece of jewelry, not a name tag.
   Check out her nursing board scores.  She was one smart cookie.  If she had been born thirty years later, she would have been the CEO of a Fortune 500 company..  Her organization skills are scary.  This is a woman who when she threw a party,  set up days ahead and labeled where everything would go.  My college roommate got married three years after I did.  She called my mom to ask about the florist I used.  My mom still had her notebook that listed every wedding detail.   After my father finished dental school, she only worked occasionally.  However, she always got requests from non profit organizations to serve as treasurer.  She would have raked Uncle Billy over the coals and whipped George Bailey's Building and Loan into a multinational corporation.
   Here's to the women you came before us.  We should revere the things of their past.
Mama Thrift

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