Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Birdcage Revisited.

   This past Christmas I finally did something with the vintage handkerchiefs I have been collecting.  I loved the end result. (See it here)  I was tempted to leave the tree up all year long, but decided against it.  When I took it down, I really didn't want to fold and out away the handkerchiefs.  So I decided to try something else with them.  What do you think?
    When I bought the bird cage at an estate sale, I had planned to use it hold my scarves, but I have way too many.  I think I like this look.  I still get to see the pretty pieces and the birdcage...and if I sneeze in bed, I just have to reach over and grab a handkerchief. (Although I am quite positive I could never really use one of these beautiful squares.  I know at one time these were very functional accessories, but to me they are just too pretty to soil.)

Thrift Chick

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Stephanie O' said...

I think I like it. Wasn't sure at first, but I like how it makes the handkerchiefs more tactile.