Sunday, February 5, 2012

Style Sunday - Sinatra Sweetie

   I was born in the wrong era.  That's a given.  I want to dine at a club with a full band. I want sway in arms of a gentleman while a crooner sings about love.  I want to wear a dress and heels and head downtown to shop.
   If I am in a mellow mood, I will put on my Sinatra album (yes, I said album...Sinatra should only be heard on vinyl.)  When I was in high school, very few if any of my classmates shared my passion for the oldies.  But college.....that was a different story.  I knew multiple people who not only knew who Sinatra was, but appreciated his genius.  One night we decided to kick back a few decades and celebrate the era when old blue eyes topped the charts.  I wore a dress I found several years ago in a vintage clothing store. 

   It is kind of hard to see, but the back dips into this great V.  So classy, so elegant, a dress for a real broad..
   I am not sure what the ukulele has to do with anything....but don't guys look great dressed up as well?
    By the way I paid $12 for the dress...probably what it cost new.  The night was a real gas!  A ring-a-ding-ding.

Thrift Chick

P.S.  When Mama Thrift was 17, she saw "old blue eyes" in concert.  She was attending a Girl's State Leadership Conference and all the attendees were taken to the concert.  She said she thought he was old and stuffy and was bored for most of the concert.  Scandalous I tell you!  These old people....they didn't appreciate what they had.

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