Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Upholstery Store Castoffs Pillows

Years ago a local furniture store in town donated their old fabric swatches to school.  No one wanted them.  I took these home because I loved the colors.  I put them in my craft tote and forgot about them until this winter when I was doing some cleaning purging.
 I decided that they would make some awesome pillows.  Since the swatches were precut and all the same size, the project was ulttra simple. 

 I had enough for three pillows and a super large tote bag.  All for free.  Now that is thrifty!

Mama Thrift

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Stephanie O' said...

I see these swatches come up occasionally at garage sales/ thrift stores and never knew what to do with them. Now, I will be snatching them up making pillows next time I see them!