Sunday, February 19, 2012

Style Sunday - Mother Does Not Know Best

When you are on the hunt in a thrift store, you sometimes find things that make your heart go pitty pat.  Sometimes your shopping companions do not share your excitement.  When I showed Mama Thrift this dress, she laughed and said it looked like a house dress from the seventies.  She didn't like the material or the style.  I told her I had a vision. (of course, I always have a vision)
 The motorcycle boots were a from a thrift store I visited two years ago.  I paid $5 for them.  They are great and authentic, but are such a pain to get on and off.  No zippers. or hidden elastic. I have to tug and tug.  Of course this year, this style has become the trend.  There were tons of similar boots out there....they all had zippers.  I was tempted to let go of these and get some a bit .less.... authentic
Once I do get the boots on, I love the outfit.  It's a bit biker, a bit preppy, a bit odd and overall very comfortable.  I guess I will hang on to the boots.  Now excuse me, I have to go show Mama Thrift how wrong she was about the dress.

Thrift Chick

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