Monday, February 6, 2012

Pillows and PomPoms

   Thrift Chick found these vintage handkerchiefs with a map design last fall.  It was a two for one find.  She has a love of old maps and a passion for handkerchiefs. She snapped them up. (Actually she almost start hyperventilating when she saw them.)  They were so unique she was afraid to check out the price.  Amazingly they were each priced only for $1.
    Because they are so kitschy, we decided to make pillows out of them.  We went with a pom pom trim to give them that retro campy feel.  Boy, are trims expensive.  The most expensive part of this project was the red pompom trim.

    Aren't they fun?  Don't you wonder who carried around map handkerchiefs.  Most vintage handkerchiefs are very flowery and feminine.  I just imagine a pile of gorgeous floral hankies with these two buried at the bottom.  Someone saw their potential and snatched them up.  Thank goodness they preserved them for Thrift Chick.

Mama Thrift

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