Thursday, December 1, 2011

O Christmas Tree

For the last few years I have decorated the Christmas tree in my bedroom with the ornaments from childhood..things I made in preschool, gifts from relatives etc.  This year, that look did not seem to fit the new vintage room.  Mama Thrift suggested I dip into the ever growing stash I have of vintage handkerchiefs. 
Don't tell her I said so, but Mama was a genius,  They looked so great.  However, the tree still seemed to be lacking something.  As a looked around my room for inspiration, I spotted these.
Vintage postcards.  About a year ago, Mama Thrift and I spotted a box of these at an estate sale.  We bought the lot and decided to split them in half.  Mine are in my room with my old cameras.  Mama Thrift's were here:
I rescued them and nestled them in the branches of the tree.

I wanted to add old fashioned lights as well, but this is one of those Jenny Craig trees (skinny) and I didn't think it would look right.  Anyway, I just love it.  I am not sure I will want to take it down in January.  What do you think? Can I leave my tree up all year?

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Stephanie O' said...

At first I thought you were going to put the cameras in the tree, and I thought, "I'm not sure how well that will work" but I love the postcards and vintage hankies! And much more secure!

annewalker said...

Stumbled here from the Thrifty Decor Chick and its Christmas tree decorating ideas are sooo pretty including this one. I love it!