Sunday, February 12, 2012

Style Sunday - Bookworm

   One of Mama Thrift's favorite clothing found at thrift stores are "dad" sweaters from the 50's and 60's.  She loves the retro cut and feel of them.    She says they remind her of her grandfather.  She found this gray sweater in a Salvation a nearby town.  It is made of wool and the black stripes are some kind of soft velvet or velor.
     The sweater was $3.50 and the corduroy skirt was $2.50. The black boots are also a rare thrifted find.  Footwear size 10 are pretty hard to find at thrift stores.  If you wear size 6 or 7, there are bargains galore out there.  
      The glasses were a .25 cent find in the budget room in our local antique store (You heard that correctly...our antique mall has a budget room.  It is like a garage sale of antiques.  So fun)  Don't you love patterned tight?.  Sometimes I wish I was a little girl again.  There are tons and tons of fun patterns in girls tights.  Anyway this is one comfortable outfit.

Thrift Chick


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