Sunday, October 9, 2011

ThriftChick's Room

For the last decade, ThriftChick's room has been a bright colored middle school girl's dream.  Among the yellow walls and white furniture, wild funky colors reigned.  Flash forward a decade and ThriftChick is planning to live at home while she does her student teaching semester.  Somehow her collection of vintage records and cameras just didn't fit into the middle school room.  Enter Mama Thrift.  While she was in Michigan working this summer, the family got to work to transform her room from middle school to adulthood.

It was a family affair.  Her brothers pulled up and hauled out ugly blue carpet and pulled up a million tacks and nails.  We put up beadboard wallpaper (our old farmhouse has nightmare walls...that is a post for another day).  Her sister-in-law and I painted.  Her father, younger brother and I put in the floor.  Then the fun began.  We started hauling in all the pieces we had been thrifting and saving for the last two years.  Her father (whom we shall now refer to as Patient Man) got so into it, that I thought he actually was channeling HGTV.  Everything in the room was thrifted or was a piece we had somewhere in the house except for her record player and the carpet on the floor.  See what you think.
The bed was a Goodwill find for $60.00.  The chenille spread and old wool blanket were from Salvation Army (or Salvo as it is known in our house) that I dyed.  Did you know you can go to Rit Dye's website and find out how to create any color you want?  So fun!  The end table was purchased from an estate sale as was the bird cage.
The embroidered pillow is thrifted.  The round pillow is the sprocket pillow whose tutorial I found at Cluck, Cluck Sew
We have had this shelf from ThriftChick's great great aunt for years and never hung it up.  It was perfect for her vintage cameras and postcards.
Chair and ottoman are from Salvo.  The pink table was a beat up $5 thrift store find that I knew spray paint could rescue.
The dresser was previously white with orange, purple and green drawers and was the crowning piece in the middle school room.  I sanded the top, stained and sealed it.  The bottom green was a paint store "Oops" can.  The drawer pulls came from ReStore.  The curtains were a tablecloth I cut down.  The hat stand is a lamp and candelabra...details coming soon.
The floor is Norvalis peel and stick wood planks.  Yes it is vinyl, but it looks great, costs little aaannnd I could install it myself.

An important note....if you spray paint Styrofoam like the wig head sort of disintegrates.  We just called it  "interesting texture."

ThriftChick was blown away when she got home.  She is so in love with it that she keeps it that is the measure of a great redo!

Happy Thrifting!
Mama Thrift

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Toodie said...

Way to go ThriftMama and Family! Awesome job! I would be so happy in that room myself! My daughter would be too, and I think even SHE would keep it clean!