Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa Baby

       We had the best present of the year this past niece Ady arrived.  Now I am not much of a baby person.  I have always said unless I can pop out a toddler without getting fat, I may just forgo the whole baby thing.  I must admit Ady has worked her way around my anti baby sentiments.
        Now I must explain my brother is my exact opposite.  He is sports loving without a lick of fashion sense.  My sister-in-law is wonderful, but she too prefers sweat pants and tennis shoes (she is after all a physical education major.)  So there I have this adorable niece and two parents who prefer her to be.....uhm....less ruffles and bows.  That just doesn't do it for me.  So when I was babysitting, I just had to break out a little tulle and flowers.   Now this is a Christmas imp!

     Now my sister-in-law when she saw the tutu just laughed and said, "Well you know what she will do with that, she will just eat it,"

     She may have been right, but just give me a few years.  I'll get her fashion sense humming!

Happy Thrifting!
Thrift Chick


Di in Indiana said...

She looks adorable!!!!

Stephanie O' said...

What a cutie! Good thing she'll have a fashion forward aunt to turn to when she starts picking out her own clothes!