Sunday, December 4, 2011

Silver and Gold

I have never been a fan of anything metallic.  I never wear any clothing item that sparkles or glitters (because let's face it there is not part on this body that I want to give any extra shine.)  I dislike gold and silver frames and only barely tolerate pewter ones. I will buy metal things with interesting shapes, but I grab my spray paint as soon  as I get home.

However, there has been a change in the past year.  Silver items have been creeping into my home decor.  It all started with this:
My husband saw this silver champagne bucket at an estate sale.  I wasn't a fan, but he thought it had a cool look.  Since he doesn't accompany us very often or express his opinion very often (and because it was only $4), we added it to our pile.  I stuck it on our buffet and over the year, it grew on me.  I started filling it with seasonal items like flowers, pumpkins and of course ornaments.  Then I spotted this at an antique store going out of business:
 I loved the unusual shape..  The price was $14, but when I went to pay, the owner said she would sell it for $4 because it was so worn (which was exactly the reason I would have paid full price for it!)  Soon I found my eyes being drawn to tarnished silver pieces whenever we were out thrifting.  Soon I found I had a bit of collection.

Who knows you just might find me wearing silver sequins and a festive air....but I highly doubt it.

Mama Thrift.

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