Sunday, October 9, 2011

Vintage Train Case

A couple of years ago, I found this vintage round train case in an antique store.  It spoke to my yearning to channel Audrey Hepburn.  After much deliberation,  I bought as a birthday gift for myself (because really every girly girl should own a train case don't you think?). 

It has sat in my room plain and unadorned.  Today I decided that something must be done to give it a little more vintage flair! Besides a little wear and tear, it seemed to be missing something that said it had seen the world.   Mama Thrift brought home a sticker maker that someone was getting rid of (Who does that??? ) I decided travel stickers would just be thing to give a little nostalgia to the piece.

I found some really cool pictures of vintage luggage stickers online and printed them off.  All I had to do was  run the pictures through the sticker maker and I had my very own travel sticker.  The hardest part of the entire project was trying to decided which of the stickers to use.  It was moment of dreaming of the places I would to visit.  After placing them where I wanted on my train case, I sanded them with some sand paper to give them an older look.

I am pleased with the final product and think the case looks awesome in my vintage room!

Happy Thrifting!

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