Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter Scenes 2014

One of the most pinned things from our blog is our winter decor from two years ago.  I thought I would update it.  I never in my life changed out my decor until I started thrifting.  In fact I've had a strong loathing for knickknacks, gewgaws and tchotchkes since I was a child.  My mother never met a souvenir or memento that she didn't feel the need to display.  Dusting as a child was an unbelievable chore.  Consequently, I've never had a lot of stuff laying around.

Flash forward to getting bit by the thrifting bug and all of the sudden I have cupboards full of cake plates, vintage silver and vases.  Now, I change it up every season.  I get bored very quickly so things change a lot.

Right now we are in the middle of the endless snowpocolypse and polar vortex.  I have been out of school more than I have  been in.

I have a serious case of the winter blues and didn't really have a whole lot of inspiration this year.  I didn't even take down my outdoor Christmas decor because it was just too cold and snowy.
So my winter decor inside is not all that different except, I developed a slight obsession with pine cones.  I liked their rustic texture next to my tarnished silver.  Also, they are in abundance on our property so they are very cheap.   I am not in love with these looks.  I abhor crafty crafty stuff and all this feels a bit contrived to me, but it is what it is this year...winter is just not thrilling me this year.

 Everything on the mantle is from a thrift store or garage sale except the wooden reindeer.  My late father made it during his wood working phase.  When my mother was moving and cleaning out a few years ago, she had it in the "give away" pile, but my son rescued it saying that it could not ever be given away.  It has been stuck in a cupboard for about ten years so I decided to use it this year.
 I have quite a few blue mason jars.  I have been incredible lucky at finding them at thrift stores and garage sales.  My latest acquisitions were from a garage sale being run my a man (I don't think he knew what he was selling.)  They are harder to find now as everybody wants them.

I hope you are someplace warm and sunny.    By the way, my goal for this year is to learn to take better photographs!  I am not going to say my pictures are crappy because of the time of day or sunlight.  My pictures are crappy because I have a good camera that I have no idea how to use.


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