Friday, January 24, 2014

Back in the Game--Sort of

It has been well over a year (or two) since we last posted.  I have to give credit to all those bloggers out there who do this on a regular basis.  I don't know how they find the time.  I am too busy  tired lazy to do this.  Also I do not have near the talent, money or skills to even come close to what other people are doing in the blogosphere.

However, there has been a little thing going on with my Pinterest account.  People are pinning a lot of stuff from our old posts.  Hmmm...maybe we have a little more creativity than we think.  I have decided to start posting again for all you people who are in my class of DIY.   I don't think you are going to find any build from scratch plans like Ana White or wood plank walls like Layla and Kevin Palmer.  You are not going to find whole home renovations like Sherry and John from Young House Love because let's face it, my husband maybe a gifted public speaker, but he does not have one drop of DIY in his blood and I am just as dangerous with power tools.  Our tool box contains a drill (with one bit and one screwdriver attachment), a butter knife because that works well as a screwdriver and a hammer that really belongs to my daughter.

Also, you won't cute names for family members (too hard to remember them from post to post.) It is really  hard to be unbelievably funny all the time.  What you will find is the good, the bad and the ugly that my daughter and I do in the name of DIY (although in our case it is really because we are just too stinkin' cheap to pay full price for things.)  We really are thrifting junkies and there is not a pile of junk we won't dive into to find "treasures."  We will share these treasures with you and let you do with them what you will.

Here is what is coming up in future posts:

Fabric Bunting for Valentine's

 Chalkboards and chalkboard cheats

Grainsack pillows without the grain sack

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