Saturday, February 15, 2014

Chalkboards and Cheating

I do love the look of all the beautiful lettered chalkboards out there in blogland.

From the truly complex: 

to simple:

I decided to try one of my own.  Most of my looked like a third grader did it (and I sincerely apologize to third graders everywhere.)  I started to research and found out many people use a bistro chalk marker like this:  
That solved some problems, but it did not solve them all.  I improved to about the level of a fifth grader.   I still erased about about fifty times and had a definite downward slope.  I then decided to do the old pencil on the back transfer trick.

I created a template on Publisher that I liked thought I could do.  I printed it off and then took a pencil and covered the back with solid scribbles with a pencil.  I then placed the paper with pencil side down on my chalkboard and traced over my design.  I then a had a very faint line to follow with my chalk board.  Here is my finished product:
Not too bad.  I only erased three times and it lasted all season so I consider it a success.

However, if you think even this is too much work, stayed tuned, I have a really neat cheat for you.


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