Saturday, March 31, 2012

Too Many Knicknacks, Too Few Seasons

In the last two years, I have been rotating my decor throughout the seasons.  Previously I had an aversion to knick knacks.  My mother is the queen of knick knacks.  She and my father never met a souvenir they didn't buy.  She has saved and still displays all of our lumps of clay artwork.  As a child, dusting was an extremely tedious chore.  However, blogland has reformed me.  I have developed a need to have perfectly styled corners here and there.  That means I need to have unique and beautiful pieces to place.  That means I need to go thrifting, junking and antiquing.  It is a win-win situation...almost.  Storage is a bit of concern.

Here we see my beautiful buffet that my husband and I found years ago in a thrift store.  I have loved it forever.
 Open the doors and it is a different story.  Stuffed in there are all my knick knacks and decor items.  It is a bit intimidating and certainly not very organized.

I'd like to say that is it, but there are eight totes in the basement full of Christmas decorations and my pantry runs more toward baskets, vases and containers than food.  It might be an obsession.

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